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International Teachers University (ITU) was established to deliver a world-class education for highly effective teachers and teaching aspirants. We are committed to equipping teachers with the skills and knowledge they need to advance their careers and thrive in the 21st-century classroom. We envision a future where teachers are at the forefront of educational excellence, making teaching an aspirational profession.

ITU serves as a pioneering platform for teachers to emerge as
Education Leaders
Lifelong Learners
Change Makers

To prepare highly qualified and skilled teachers by means of contemporary, immersive online education to excel in an ever evolving and dynamic workplace that includes both in person and virtual instructional opportunities.


We equip existing teachers to be reflective practitioners, data-driven decision makers, and passionate advocates for student-centered learning, as they advance their careers.

Key Education

Examining these statistics makes it evident that innovative solutions are urgently needed. We recognize that overcoming these challenges requires nurturing a new generation of teachers. ITU addresses these challenges at the core through enhanced teacher education.


Public Schools Understaffed in 2022-23

Source: School Pulse Panel

69 Million

New teachers are needed to meet the 2030 educational goals

Source: UNESCO Report


Teachers plan to exit the profession earlier than planned

Source: Survey by National Education Association

Why is ITU exclusively
for teachers?

Teachers, the architects of our future, shoulder the profound responsibility of shaping both minds and society. Such a vital role demands an unwavering commitment to their continuous professional growth and development. This commitment is precisely why International Teachers University (ITU) proudly stands as a dedicated institution exclusively for teachers.

Traditionally, conversations surrounding teacher education have predominantly focused on student outcomes. However, at ITU, we shift this narrative to center on teachers' fulfillment. So that teachers can engage with their profession on a deeper level, finding fulfillment in every class they teach.


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