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International Teachers University stands as a global leader in teacher education that empowers teachers with the skills needed for success in today’s and tomorrow’s classrooms. We foster an advanced understanding of core pedagogy, ensuring that our teachers navigate any challenge in the unknown future effectively.

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What sets ITU Apart?

A Solid Pedagogical Foundation

A Solid Pedagogical Foundation

Skills to thrive in an evolving education landscape

Global Relevance

Global Relevance

Education that makes teachers globally competitive

A Truly International Perspective

A Truly International Perspective

Peers and faculty from around the globe

“Truly, an environment where your passion for teaching is nurtured, your skills are honed, and your potential is fully realized.”


International Teachers University

Your Pathway to Excellence Begins Here

ITU's Master's in Education degree program is the world’s first M.Ed. built upon international benchmarks, preparing you to excel in diverse curricula. The program blends foundational excellence with advanced pedagogy, preparing you for the unknown, technology-led future of education. 

100% Online. Takes 1 Year.

Master's in Education (M.Ed.)

Preparing teachers for today's and tomorrow's multicultural classrooms

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ITU's Impact on Teacher Careers

ITU Graduates are equipped for a future where career opportunities are limitless…

Global Teaching Roles

Job Satisfaction

Career Advancement

21st-Century Classroom Readiness

Multi-Curricula Expertise


One word to describe ITU graduates? Trailblazers… shaping the future of education!

Insights from 100+ Years of Teaching

Learn from experienced international faculty with over a century of combined teaching experience. They know the on-ground reality and what it takes to become a successful teacher.
Michael Bartlett

Michael Bartlett

20+ years of experience as a Principal, Curriculum Head, and Teacher

Bachelor of Science - Texas A&M University

Peter G. Beckway

Peter G. Beckway

21+ years of experience in the education industry working with teachers and administrators

Master's in English Literature - The University of Illinois at Chicago

Ashkelon Govender

Ashkelon Govender

10+ years of work experience in the education sector

PhD in Education Leadership and Management - University of KwaZulu Natal

Zeina Al Deeb

Zeina Al Deeb

10+ years of experience as a teacher and university instructor

MA in Education (TESOL) - Lebanese American University, Beirut

Sidra Nauman

Sidra Nauman

25 years of experience as a Coordinator and Teachers Trainer

Master's in Early Childhood Studies - Dundee University, Scotland

Ola ElKhatib

Ola ElKhatib

8+ years of work experience as a teacher, curriculum developer and teacher trainer

Master’s in Educational Studies, University of Wollongong (Australia)

Rushini Ramachandran

Rushini Ramachandran

11+ years of work experience as a teacher in Indonesia and the Democratic Republic of Congo

M.Ed. in Advanced Teaching, University of the People (California)

Admission Process

ITU's admission process is designed for the truly passionate and dedicated. Only the top 1% of teachers gain entry to learn from the best. If you aspire to be the best, you belong here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question in mind? Check out our FAQs and get your queries answered

International Teachers University (ITU) is a prestigious institution dedicated to providing world-class education for teachers and teaching aspirants. The programs are designed to ensure that teachers stand out among the global teaching workforce, making teaching an aspirational profession.

Yes, International Teachers University is approved to operate by the Higher Education Licensure Commission in the District of Columbia. When you choose ITU for your academic and professional development, you can be confident that you are receiving a world-class education from a trusted institution.

The university currently offers a Master’s in Education (M.Ed.) Program. The program covers advanced pedagogical skills that will enhance your effectiveness as a teacher, no matter which subject or curriculum you teach.

The Admission process for ITU has been designed to be selective in nature, ensuring that only the most passionate teachers join the institution. You can read about the admission process here.

No, ITU is a 21st-century university that believes in quality, borderless education. The university operates 100% online using sophisticated technology to ensure that every teacher gets an outstanding learning experience.

Yes! We help you with profile building, interview preparation, and mock interviews. Finally, we leverage our network to connect you with your dream schools.

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